Azure - Link Collection Cloud Adoption Framework for Azure

The Cloud Adoption Framework is the One Microsoft approach to cloud adoption in Azure, consolidating and sharing best practices from Microsoft employees, partners, and customers. The framework gives customers a set of tools, guidance, and narratives that help shape technology, business, and people strategies for driving desired business outcomes during their adoption effort.

Start with the CAF documentation in the Microsoft Docs.

CAF - Define Strategy, Ready and Plan

Find additional StrategyPlan and Ready documentation.

Tools Strategy

Cloud Journey Tracker
Business Outcome Template


Tools Plan
Azure DevOps Demo Generator Template
Cloud adoption plan template


Tools Ready
Cloud Adoption Framework - Azure Setup Guide
Cloud Adoption Framework Foundation Blueprint
Migration Landing Zone Blueprint
Naming and tagging tracking template

CAF - Adopt

Find additional Migrate and Innovate documentation.


Tools Adopt
Strategic migration assessment and readiness tool (SMART)
Cloud Adoption Framework - Azure Migration Guide
Azure innovation guide

CAF -Govern and Manage

Find additional Govern and Manage documentation.


Tools Govern

Governance benchmarkGovernance process template
Cost Management process template
Deployment acceleration process template
Identity process template
Resource consistency process template
Security baseline process template


Tools Management
Microsoft Azure Well-Architected Review
Best practices source code
Operations management workbook

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