Learn Terraform

How I started

I just decided to learn more about using Terraform to deploy services in azure. In the past, I deployed most of the time my services in the Azure by using the portal, the azure-CLI or using ARM templates. During a lot of discussions around automation, I heard a lot of people talking about Terraform as their choice for scripting their deployments. Especially thanks to my colleague Arnaud Lheureux - we sit together on the Microsoft Ready in the booth around the Cloud Adoption Framework and he showed me what he already has done with Terraform to deploy a landing zone in Azure. That was the impulse to start to learn more about Terraform…

Please visit Arnaud’s web post about using Terraform in the context of landing zones in the Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework for Azure! (https://www.arnaudlheureux.io/2020/01/31/understanding-landing-zones-for-azure-cloud-adoption-framework/)

The next step was not to search all over the web to find some articles around that topic. My next step was to search for a book to start my learning. I found the following book (https://www.terraformupandrunning.com/) by Yevgeniy Brikmann:

So I ordered the book and was impatient starting my journey with Terraform. As the book arrived I started directly with the first chapters and quickly find out, that all samples in this book provided by Yevgeniy were related to AWS. So I directly considered - that will be my challenge! Bring all samples to Azure and write them down in this blog.

I wrote Yevgeniy a short message to double-check if this would be alright for him - thanks Yevgeniy for your consent!

So stay tuned to read about my first steps with Terraform and the adoption of the samples to azure.

Part 1 - Get started…

Part 2 - Deploy your first VM

Part 3 - Deploy web service

Part 4 - Deploy a VM Scale Set